General Info

The Competition Tribunal Rules require the parties to a proceeding to file their documents by electronic transmission. Parties are strongly encouraged to use the Competition Tribunal's E-Filing application, which permits instantaneous submissions and retrievals of public and confidential documents in a secure setting.

Filing Hours
Parties can use the E-Filing application to submit their documents electronically at any time. However, documents that are transmitted electronically after 17:00 (Ottawa local time) are deemed to be filed on the next day that is not a holiday or a weekend.

All new user registrations, requests for assistance and processing of electronic filings will be handled during the Tribunal's regular business hours, Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 16:30.

Format of documents to be submitted
The electronic version of the documents to be submitted must be in PDF format.

File size limitation
The limit for PDF documents being submitted is 150 MB (megabytes) per document. If the document you want to submit is larger than 150 MB, please contact the Registry of the Competition Tribunal at filing.depot