The Competition Tribunal has jurisdiction to hear and dispose of all applications made under parts VII.1 and VIII of the Competition Act and any related matters. It also hears references filed pursuant to section 124.2 of the Competition Act.

Part VII.1 (sections 74.01 to 74.19) of the Competition Act deals with deceptive marketing practices. Part VIII (sections 75 to 107) deals with restrictive trade practices including refusal to supply, price maintenance, exclusive dealing, tied selling, market restriction, abuse of dominant position, delivered pricing, foreign judgments and laws, foreign suppliers, specialization agreements, and mergers.

The Competition Bureau, headed by the Commissioner of Competition, is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Competition Act, and other acts. The Bureau investigates complaints and decides whether to proceed with the filing of an application to the Competition Tribunal.

All proceedings before the Tribunal are dealt with as informally and expeditiously as the circumstances and considerations of fairness permit.

The Tribunal is composed of up to six judicial members appointed from among the judges of the Federal Court and not more than eight lay members.